Not Bashful

Pitch-black purple with microscopic pink edges.  A massive warm vanilla sweet frosting rises up with creamy delicate floral in a tarry, warm leather reduction.  This is not a vibrant wine.  It is muskily-spiced and brooding–even a bit gloomy in its absolute iron-grip.  Despite the visible chalk-board grasp, fruit churns out of the nose, dark, absurdly rich and velvety.  In the mouth, fruit and acid tag-team the entry and middle: lush and ripe but miserably un-evolved–a beautiful beautiful young woman, elegant and poised and destined for greatness.  Green tannins gradually work their way into the gritty, viscous circus, taking everything off on a long, twisty, balanced ride.  One of my favorite 2013 Napa’s to date.
2013 BANSHEE Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley  14-4


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