Wine Be Nimble

Bright ruby with staining edges.  Beautiful nose of crisp bright berry and granite over a still, ripe warmth of cherry and woodsy chocolate and cassis.  One of those wines you just love to smell and smell, layered in elegant fruit and glycerine.  No indication on label of blend, but I am nearly certain it is Syrah and Zinfandel from the aromatics.  Possibly a chunk of Cabernet, as it lays off a crispness of character alongside the Syrah fruit with none of the pruniness of Zin.  Licorice and cola abound but in a distinct focus hard to capture in today’s Zins.  In the mouth, more crispness and FUN, and how it incorporates light FUN-NESS while still maintaining serious focus is a dichotomy rarely seen in *red blends* at this price-point.  A classic BBQ wine, a classic BTG offering able to compliment a variety of foods and still remain viable as an alone-drinker.  The nose translates effortlessly into the palate and there are no disappointments.  While acidic balance is paramount, alost none of it reflects into tannin, making this an easy drinker and not necessarily a cellar-candidate in the here-and-now.  I can think of THOUSANDS of local BTG offerings which are far less interesting than this bottle.  If you’re going to make an unlabeled Red Blend, THIS is how you should do it.

2011 NIMBLE VINEYARDS Red Wine Dry Creek Valley Nimble Hog  14-5


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