Cucina Mista for the Soul

I know everyone is sick and tired of me wonking @cardellawinery but this is the last one I promise. I am just SO in lurve with this winery. Rarely does one producer woo me across-the-board like Cardella has. And I owe it all to @grapeencounters for turning me on to it. Here we have the lowliest member of their line, a kitchen sink sort of Italian red blend rife in barnyard and earth while maintaining an unsnobby sophistication you keep coming back to.  Fruit wild and young and Juicy-Fruit while a dirty-hippy blends gently into an intense grapey elixir. Cheap and good ←WHO is going to argue with THAT?!?!?
2012 CARDELLA ‘Boccale’ California Mendota District 13


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