Liquid Farming

IMG_20160926_175619.jpgLight light almost clear straw. Bright crisp green melon explodes into eucalyptus bark, dusty roads and tomato compote. Icy vermouth and raspberry leaf tea lend a warm note but the chalky brilliance YOU CAN SMELL is there early.

I tasted all three of this label’s Chardonnays at a recent industry dinner and I purposely erased the photos off my phone so I wouldn’t know which one was my favorite when it came time to sit down seriously with them one-on-one. There was one of the three which completely blew me away alongside the other two but I don’t know if it was this one or not and I don’t care and please don’t tell me because this one is punching far above its weight right now. I’m drinking this thing at 55 and it is STILL crisp and bright and lovely, pouring fruit and earth off like lies at a presidential debate. YOU’RE DRINKING YOUR CHARDONNAYS TOO COLD, PEOPLE.

On the palate delicate as a perfumed kiss. A little banana peel and cinnamon toast. Fruit evolves toward a delicate old-World willingness, crisp and clean and never bogged down with butter & oak or even petrichor. Bright and effusive–sparkling practically–in the mouth with super fine sandpaper to make sure everything stays bristling at attention. No hollow points, no strange other-worldly dissimilarities, just a simple crescendo of incredible white-hot nectarine fruit and vibrancy that never fades even into an angel’s kiss of peach-pit tannin.

2014 LIQUID FARM Chardonnay White Hills Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co. 13.5


4 thoughts on “Liquid Farming

    1. Now why would you say that?!? Wow. Spot-on. I have tasted their rose on several occasions over the past several years and just never been all that impressed. This was one of the main reasons I put off trying their CH’s so long.

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