This Is The Clone You’re Looking For

img_20160930_184015Medium ruby with no edge. Pretty lily floral with vanilla-infused cake batter and wet root drive a disgustingly fruit-rich base. Carmelized brown sugar provides a warm sweetness to round out deep backhoe digs oozing swamp water and mud. A touch of old-world funkiness plays perfectly into the richness of things, while chalkboard and graphite keep things edgy.
In the mouth, black walnut and green tea tinge the out-pouring of all that is good about Napa Valley Cabernet–and especially Stag’s Leap District.  Stunning tannin from the initial taste–it is easy to see the broken oozing tree roots in the earthy nose turn to the round polished tannins of the taste. Black and concentrated, brilliantly executed straining-at-the-seams blackberry coalesce a deeply bitterness this wine has toward shallow tourist cabs and manipulated fruit bombs steroidal and vapid.  It hinges on the simplicity of sparkling bright plum fruit tense with acidity and leads the drinker off into the deep end of dark concentrated cab.  An easy, full-bodied Cabernet to drink now–lush and approachable–but the potential for 15 years is obvious.

2013 CHIMNEY ROCK Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 7 Stag’s Leap District Napa Valley 14.5


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