Stasis Quo

img_20161017_191249Dark garnet with wide amber edges. Big round flabby dessert, fat cherry, noticeable heat, a shit-ton of oak and just enough pine tree, burnt-rubber and muddy briar to let you know it might be Pinot under all that over-ripe Syrah.  Late-breathing produces oxidation, but maybe it’s just jelly-rolls.

This is Amor Fati’s new bargain and resty label, coming in at about half the price as the primo Pinot.  I suppose if you’ve got your cards in the $30 Pinot Sweepstakes, this is as good as any but to say it is a completely uncompelling wine is an understatement. Unbalanced and bland, a crowd-pleaser for sure, something to take to a house-party where nobody except a tiny group huddled in the kitchen gives a rat’s ass what’s in their stemless clutch. The ChardonYAY!! crowd will do back-flips over this. Prepare for “Yummy.” This producer is responsible for 20 or 30 wines under at least 4 labels and definitely is in it for the crowd-pleasing. High-voltage and sweet, with one-dimensional fruit: the quintessential recipe for a Paso Robles success story.

In the mouth, a teeth-aching injection of sweet syrup with a chunk of simple acid which immediately turns to bitter alcoholic burn.  That’s really it.  My mouth is burning. This review is over.

2012 DESTINATA Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara 15.8


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