Big Bosom

img_20161022_195422Black with the staining orange of age. Toast and honey floral icing on glycerin-y banana and raw sausage pierced with crushed-bug spice and briar. Big over-extracted and slightly downhill must and urban decay as can be expected from a 16-oh wine–even cool-climate–at this age.

Was going through some older Big Basin stuff and had to rescue this one from the wineshop because it got coravin’d and we all know that’s a death-sentence for a bottle of wine–especially anything fragile. Google this vineyard: Fairview Road Ranch and prepare to be impressed. I think this was a very limited bottling–and not expensive. The whole Big Basin story is quite interesting.

Everything comes up roses in the mouth, sweet, grainy nectar–more wildflower honey–sage and fennel desperately bonding granite and peppery tannin. Smokey tobacco clean-glass after-thoughts makes you want to know who’s bottling this vineyard now. It’s a dense mo-fo, don’t get me wrong. Delicateness is not this wine’s strong suit. But it’s balanced and nicely patina’d.

2008 BIG BASIN VINEYARDS Syrah Fairview Road Ranch Santa Lucia Highlands 15.8


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