Villa Mt. Bullshit


A burnt amber glow eliciting oxidation.  Pungent electrical fire being flogged with damp rags and Tootsi-pop-wielding firemen. Brown rivers of entry-level Pinot Noir flagellating itself before masses of once-adoring fans of this great label. The last time I had this bottling, it had the baby-blue and cream label.  I’ll just pause a bit as a couple of you ponder how long that’s been.  Long-time readers of mine will remember how fondly I speak of this label in regards to their Cab.  I have far-reaching verticals of Villa Mt Eden Grand Reserve in my cellar and cherish every one of them.

But here we have something quite different.  Here we have a 20-dollar Pinot Noir representing the last bastions of this once-great label.  Where Bien Nacido somehow found $1700/ton fruit for 20k cases of flaccid oxidized bullshit blows my mind and STILL somehow allowing them to print it on the label. This is Pinot Noir for people who have never had Pinot Noir.

In the mouth, cold thin dretch blended with hot fat dretch. Electrical fire and the windshield bucket at Chevron. Used condoms and alley-ways. Wood smoke in trailer parks. Warm uninteresting alcohol with just the slightest amount of root-beer barnyard.  I’ve had Castle Rocks better than this.  I’ve had Mark West’s better than this.  This is horrible 2-digit IQ Pinot which no one should equate with Pinot Noir.  Please make it stop.

2009 VILLA MT EDEN Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co 13.5


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