A Pressing White

wp-image-614063059jpg.jpgBright toying Apple-Jacks fun, crisp and vibrant and tethered to a third-floor walk-up of warmth and intrigue. Nature’s Valley Granola over the middle, complex and nutty, packed with dates and sweet grains. The veritable Seinfeld-cabinet continues with Cinnamon Toast Crunch dragging out the finish, still-sweet, but peppery and mineralific. We’re in the middle of Indian Summer here, with temps approaching 90°. I wanted a white with bright tenacity and verve, crisp and light but serious enough to go with dinner. And it WASN’T going to be a chard. I picked PERFECTLY. Holy wow.
2014 PRESS GANG Uni Blanc SYV Santa Barbara Co 13.9 2 barrels

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