The Core Problem

img_20161113_181854Electrical fire and pond water, smudge-pots and dog-park, these brown, oddly acidic while disastrously flabby labels continue to amaze whenever offered. One of those giant question-marks of local wine: HOW do they DO it?!? SOMEONE please explain these wines to me! Across-the-board: Oxidized beyond redemption or even consideration, absolutely NO fruit what. so. ever. ANYWHERE. You know that head of Romaine you left in the drawer 3 weeks? Put it in the vita-mix with some dry cat food and prune juice. Amber, shrill, and grainy, these awkwardly obese battery acid offerings PROHIBIT advancement past the nose, and the packaging: Don’t put unfiltered reds in flint, people!! And try to keep your corks from leaking. And wash a hose now and then, scrub a tank, feel free to mix in some KMBS here and there, throw away ALL your barrels. This is bargain fruit, made in a filthy winery, under lackadaisical attention, barrel- and bottle-aged too long, by someone who thinks they can market diversity and weirdness.

2006 Roussanne blend SYV, 2008 Cuvee Fletcher Alta Mesa SBC ($61), 2009 Elevation Sensation Alta Mesa SBC, 2012 Grenache Paso Robles


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