Dark thick brooding ruby-garnet with no edge.  Vanilla spice and ripe fruit, like a brand new car this thing cranks out all the baby baby too-strong nuances and then settles down into something quite comfortable for the long trip. Huge dark bitter chocolate, spicy cranberry, lemon zest and a hard-line concentration of mountain berry rally around intense alcohol for a still-stickered package no one would ever call *lean & mean*.

Big viscous mouthfeel unleashes a salty-syrupy decadence poured over almond butter and Givenchy testers. Unmistakably ripe, with tendencies toward full-on flabby, this thing shows tons of concentration and full-blown alcoholic extraction–if you like them big and bold, this is your bottle.

2014 PARAVEL Howell Mountain Henry Brothers Ranch Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 16.3


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