Bella Can

Light garnet with bricking edges.  A perfect Grenache color and density.  THE most effusive floral perfume on the nose, like walking into a floral shop–not quite Christmas, but still a dried cranberry acid vibrancy and fig newton pie spice density prevails with a heavy nod to cinnamon.  Transparent lightness defies the near-candy experience, everything clear and delicate and somehow concentrated enough to give spicy reverence to the full fruit and make you wonder how is this even possibly El Dorado County?!?

I somewhat cut my teeth in El Dorado and Amador in the 80’s and 90’s and do not remember tasting ANY wines like this.  Even Santa Barbara has a hard time making a Grenache this light!  This is straight-up brilliance and with a nod to IPOB and all things Euro with the low alcohol and fabulous transparency against vibrant acid.

Flat-out angelic candied fruit in the mouth.  Ethereal butterfly and dense bee-sting, this Grenache just hits on so many levels and never commits any crimes. No oxidation, no alcohol, no overt ripeness, no over-brightness, No disgusting fruitiness, no flabbiness, NOTHING many Grenaches suffer from, just straight-up Angelic candied fruit perfection.

2014 THE WITHERS Bel Canto El Dorado Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah 73/22/5  13.7


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