Nickel & Dime

Bright ruby, dense and impenetrable, and impossibly glass-staining. Nutty crisp charcoal goodness packs the bouquet as wind-blown menthol sweeps across a tar-pit of fruit picking up dusty flecks of tannin and driving it all mercilessly into your nose.  Sullen yet vibrantly spicy , its glycerin-ey mouth-coating peels slowly off the wet cinder wall, exposing a waterfall of fern and floral.

In the mouth a shockingly concentrated elixir, ridiculously tannic from the moment it hits. This is easily the most structured 2013 Napa Valley I have had to date, and also quite possibly the most stand-a-fork-up-in-it fruited. The reduction and maceration represented here is difficult to fathom as it glides across your tongue. Green edges curl outwards, dragging the black cherry confiture across a bristling rocky landscape in broad slathers tinged in cedar and pecan.

A heavy decant loosens up the structure a bit, but this monster is just flat out SO infantile, most of this tightness will cling for another 2 years at least. This is a wine you buy 2 cases of and drink one a year and please PLEASE call me on about year-20 because I told you so and you owe me a splash. The obscene tannins manage to resolve themselves in the finish, drawing everything out into elegant long tearful goodbyes of apricot and berry.  This is perfectly put together, and hard to put on paper.

2013 NICKEL & NICKEL Cabernet Sauvignon State Ranch Yountville Napa Valley 14.9


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