Non-Withering Sonoma Coast

img_20161208_223140Light clear ruby with wide garnet edges. Effusive pie-spice and mirifice layers out of the nose, washing back the clean chewable-vitamin-C and dusky earth and oak into layers of cola and match-head walnut-shell only certain Pinot producers seem capable of.

In the mouth, instant ripe cherry candy–delicate and amazing–lead nuances of deep asparagus mint and a tannic edginess encapsulated in structured, acidic goodness. Bitter and edgy, it makes everything you love about Sonoma Coast Pinot come face-to-face with Burgundy and the best of Oregon. This is not your root-beer-flabby tourist Pinot offering, this is lean, mean stuff for the purist, packed with fruit and meaning.  Acidic, beautifully thin and elegant–while packing a delectable Pinot punch–this bottle sets everything straight for how it SHOULD BE.

2014 THE WITHERS Pinot Noir Peters Vineyard Sonoma Coast 13.1


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