Oh Capitan My Capitan

img_20161211_215831Dark ruby out to fine purple edges. Roasted meat and sweet vanilla rule over dense black cherry fruit, sweet nectar and orange blossom. Crisp, not-delicate bramble flows across rocky mountain waterfall and wet fern. An intense fruitiness belieing the 2015 youth does nothing to subtract from the complexity and concentration of liquid.

Anything you pre-concieved about Gamay is shot to pieces here, as this clearly hi-octane offering cranks out the sophistication and nuance in layers and layers of heady red fruit. Round rose and laurel take no time off explaining to you this wine means business in bouquet AND mouth-feel. A decadent, hardcore red even more serious than many Rhones you have had is here for the taking in a Beaujolais package.

On the palate brilliant citrus and a crimson tide of ripeness plaster fruit-baskets of flavor against every surface. Ridiculously chewy, with tannins clawing in all directions alongside fierce acidity. Subtle young oak couples with the equally bright raspberry and 7-Up sweet fruit while still giving dark old vine meaning to worn leather and cigar in the finish. Holy wow this is an amazing wine.

2015 CHATEAU des CAPITANS Juliénas Beaujolais 14.0


Georges Duboeuf Gamay


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