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Rich staining garnet with considerable sediment. Stunning polish in the nose, with a little heat irresistible woven into a delectable spice and dusty rose charcoal maraschino, wrapped around wet redwood and wet tent.

One of a handful of my favorite Santa Cruz Mountain producers, this unsung producer cranks out stunning Bordeaux varieties of world-class quality in an area of California often overlooked in the roster of top wine-producing regions.  This one–granted–is sourced from Alexander Valley, another one of my favorite Cab-producing regions, and represents a stellar mountain vineyard in that AVA.

A handful in the mouth, acerbic until you find the soft parts–and the soft parts have a definite issue with visibility. The nose is far more cherry and dessert than the palate, where fruit dense and mountain-grown–dirt under its nails and leaves in its hair–takes a moment to introduce itself against the heady bouquet.  Butter and brown sugar, carmelized but not a speck of oxidation, banana-peel chalky, tannins always getting in the way… Rich round saddle and bay dominate a fruit I can not help but say is fading.  But oh yeah, this one looks good at eleven and has a few more years.

2005 BYINGTON Cabernet Sauvignon Reichel Vineyard Alexander Valley 13.8


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