Bec Bianchi

Medium ruby with thin pink edges. Effusive chipped shrubbery, pepper and surf cranks out of the nose. Smoke and zest grappling with perfect fruit. Not the teensiest bit of funk often related to Malbec. This is bright, clean, green, fresh, and surging with life without a single dank old-world nuance.

With that said, this wine reminds me of Cahors–albeit very young Cahors–far more than the common denominator Malbec from Argentina. It has a mountain verve, a young fruity oomph coupled with an elegance I often don’t often get with the South American offerings. While dense and concentrated, it is not bogged down with condensed black cherry and oak. It fairly sings in the glass, lively and bright-fruited.

In the mouth, things take an appropriate, but serious turn. For such a baby, this thing shows INCREDIBLE chops: perfect acidity shining through lush berry and an extreme astringency grows lovely alongside the tannins. Wet leather and compote combine for a masterful bottle quite knocking my socks off right now.

2014 VALENTIN BIANCHI Famiglia Bianchi Malbec Mendoza Argentina 14.1


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