Your Poppy is Burnt

Incredible rotten vegetal madeirized mess washed up on a crack-house-carpet beach, burning barbie dolls at the stake and chanting incantations to the tahini spirit god and composting toilet your vegan ex-girlfriend worshiped. Oh please make this wine go away. 6 years and shot. Color instantly puts this bottle on blast. It is unbalanced hi-al bullshit that couldn’t keep up. It is not corked. This is not my first experience with this brand and the results are predictable. And coming from very good provenance, it being cooked is fairly slim. Cork sweet and perfect–it is just flat out GONE.  If I find out this is Ballard Canyon imma gonna lol so fuckin hard.

2010 COQUELICOT Mon Amour Santa Ynez Valley cab/cf/bec/pv 38/35/20/7  14.5


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