Adam and Eve

Clear garnet with amber edges.  Vibrant cola and barnyard with conifer wedges convey delectable gratification against bay and bright lavender.  Dirty pinches of snuff and truffle fester against maple syrup.  Clean horse-stall and expensive leather tell a story of English riding under exquisite conditions and knee-high boots.  Headily perfumed, rich and ripe, exuding sweetness and straight candy, it’s pretty hard to take your nose out of this one.

It’s like that girl you take to the dance whose exotic smells compel and contrive your imagination.  You’ve never had anything quite like this and she smells completely different than the girl next door you’re used to playing with and a little bit sweaty she looks at you like you’ve never been looked at before and you’re so intrigued by the perfume, elegant enough to outclass you and earthy enough to pass for country.

In the mouth pure nectar, immediately forsaking all funk, no small task, considering how heavily it weighed into the delirium of the nose.  No talk about the weather–despite the rain–just headed straight for the honor bar: tiny glass bottles twisting off exotic liqueur in expensive spades.  Nutmeg and cinnamon oozes out of limestone cracks inundating but never cancelling the perceived sweetness.  Tight and tannic it brings of wash of balance to this nectar of perceived sweetness.

2012 LAZARRE Pinot Noir Central Coast 14.0


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