Grave-diggers Celebration


Sullen amber with wide clear edges.  Flabby nose of rotten tomato fields and clammy rubber boots worn in hot weather.  Electrical fire and chemically city-water over flaccid fruit nothingness give little to be interested in.  Pruney and vapid, a concoction so repulsive, its only positive note is the ripeness.

Fresh off my lovely experiment with a Lussac satellite of St. Emilion, I decided to try another cheap Bordeaux. This was an orphan in a buy-one-get-one-free at a prominent big-box liquor-retailer popular in California which I will not name.  So I got it for half price and if you need the economics of the 5-cent-sale explained to you, you shouldn’t be on this blog.  Trust me, they are NOT losing money.  I wish I had a dollar for every sub-$30 BDX I have tried in my life.  Talk about a return on investment.  These things are consistently so dreadful, it seriously argues the fact they send us their worst shit and keep the best bargain plonk for themselves.  This wine–even at half price–continues a long stream of horrid wines which do little to prop up the region in American minds.

The grey countenance of this boohoo bland ambering junkie-sweat concoction with a thin never-ran vapid fruitlessness is only aspired to by the worst superieurs and villages.  In the mouth, the stupidity of the rotten-egg nose is glowingly reflected by nothingness.  Absolute nothingness.  Bitter green astringency no one could ever mistake for minerality or brier dominate the bullshit entry and middle, cluminating in the glow of a perfectly wrong stemmy hot finish. I’m done.  There’s nothing here worth writing about.  A grave wine NO ONE should bother with.

2010 CH. HAUT MAYNE Graves Michel Boyer 40/30/30 CF/Cab/ME Bordeaux 13.0


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