A Near-Perfect Tempranillo

Deep ruby with thin pink edges.  Big blueberry bluster on loam and forest vie with dense leather and burnt glycerin before turning shrill and mineral at just the right moment.  Great match head and rotten citrus makes for a perfect nose alongside roasted meat and simmered sauces.

This could quite possibly the world’s most perfect sub $10 European wine.  I’m a little torn over whether to hammer this thing for its–relatively few–faults or relish in everything surrounding its beauty.  I rarely reference price-point on this blog as everybody plays kind of equal in the Soif sandbox but this is incredible bargain Tempranill0.  Euro funk is on 11 for sure–something I truly enjoy but cali-palate can find annoying.  Fruit flabs up a bit on the palate bringing a numbing round chocolate and with it a little bit of burn.

In the mouth, a ridiculously ripe fruit acid bomb heavy on warm oak tannin and heat.  Sharp pepper invades every pore although downy concentration kicks it at the end, fulfilling your mouth-feel right before more tannin closes the deal.

I love this wine.  It hits on SOOOO many levels I adore.  Thick and concentrated, syrupy at times and green at other’s.  Beautiful, beautiful stuff and not expensive.  A true find, and I could drink it every night.





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