W C Piss

Medium garnet, bricking terribly.  A searing putrid eucalyptus bark, highlighted with singed doll-hair and used jock-strap doused in ATF. Oh dear dog please make this wine go away.

Congratulations, Paso: The most repulsive smelling wine I’ve had in 30+ years. Fortunately, only the past 15 have been experiencing Paso wines–otherwise I’d no doubt be dead. This winery is rumored to be defunct.  For good reason. Dare me to taste it?  I HAVE to taste it.

In the mouth, the pond-water nose over-rides everything, but intense sweet prune comes on, flabby and disgusting, over an electrical-fire burn.  How can this possibly be Cabernet?  If this were Zinfandel, I would toss it a bone, but no.  It’s Cabernet.

This is miserable wine with no merit and a waste of ink.

2005 WCP CELLARS Cabernet Sauvignon Giacone Vineyard Paso Robles 14.7



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