This is an Art

IMG_20170412_190941_274Medium ruby with razor-thin edges, staining and with the purple hues of youth.  Buttery frosting washes out of the glass, heady and strong, dripping with mascarpone, sauteed 7-Up and burnt latex, blowing off to a rich hazel-nut maple butter in oaky bottom-land.  Late-breathing reveals a gilded mint, brightly complimenting the brooding fruit.

Pretty sure this is my first 2014 Cab–at least one of this pedigree.  One of the pinnacles of super-market wine, Artemis may be a bit more user-friendly than its three more-expensive stable-mates, a bit more dedicated to lavish oak and round, beautiful luscious chocolaty jammy fruit and velvet tannins than the other, FAR more expensive bottles from Cask23.

In the mouth, brick-house waves of dense blackberry fruit pound a maraschino and oak liquor against acid-tinged maple sugar.  An almost amaretto nuttiness melds the alcohol and spice together with bitter tobacco and tea, but over all an elegant dried-currant sweetness masks the formidable tannins lurking in a finish not compromised with heat or flabby fruit, but crisp and clean–meager, even, considering everything else going on in this wine–a light, bright steam-train of elixir and acid, fast giving way to structure.

Every time one of these crosses my desk, I say the same thing:  If I have to die with a supermarket wine, oh what a glorious death.  THIS is how I want to go.

2014 STAG’S LEAP WINE CELLARS Cabernet Sauvignon Artemis Napa Valley  14.5


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