Been reading lovely bits and pieces on this darling and lookie what magically showed up in my in-box! A festering sore of putridity, this takes astro-turf fruit and hog-wallow spice to Olympic aspirations. Dog-shit-smeared Converse–no socks–on the dead grass of inner-city park littered with bum-sleeping bags and overflowing festival post-hangover porta-potties. In summertime.

It tastes better than it smells–but only if you would rather taste Barefoot Merlot en magnum for the greasy burn of alcohol-fueled fruit punch. A prunerific train wreck of a wine with a gorgeous label and a beautiful group of ingredients–and you KNOW how I love my funk and farm and Languedoc.  But this is a serious low-brow miss.  Something to make the mommybloggers gush and the ’10 under $30′ publishers blush. This is something you are going to see “darn” used frequently in its reviews, I promise.  Just say no.

2015 LES DARONS by Jeff Carrel GR/SY/CG 75/20/5 Languedoc France 13.5



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