Unctuous football field marzipan catalyzing balmy marina refueling dock. Burnt butter and fruit basket, a rubber glove up your pinot and a burn and concentration a bit stronger than the stated would suggest. Straight up SRH no waiting don’t judge.

This lil thang was $52 on a list so probably a $30 wine.  And if I’m in a supermarket with 30 dollars jangling in my purse, this would knock the socks off Cambria Julia’s, Edna Valley Edna Valley, Tolosa Central Coast, Castle Rock from anywhere, Cherry Tart, and on and on.  But here’s the deal:  When you order this label it comes with a certain anticipation of style based on the storyline the creators have fashioned.   You know you can cram all the funky nuances you want into my bojo, pinot and cab franc and I will hardly ever complain. And this wine has a few of those items–but on fairly user-friendly terms.  What bugged me the most about this wine is that it was just straight up sweet soft and flabby and the label says 13-flat.  I was dining with a couple who are Le Cuvier Justin Carmody McKnight and Tobin James club members. They thought it was the best fucking Pinot they’d ever had in their life. End of conversation.

2013 SANDHI Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara County 13.0


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