Friends With Benefits

A town you explored in youth, a woman you knew, spicy familiarity sliding on like a worn glove so comfortable she remembers all your soft spots and prods the rigid confines of memory, expanding them into areas new adventures don’t understand. A seductive salty kiss, blossoming against things you expected, forgotten alignments: a look, a glance, a smirk of fruit dug deep from bretty catacombs of Rutherford fairly bristling with hot musk, remembering that favorite dessert in France, leaning back, summer so soothing, tomorrow you’re gone but right now, so easy to be around, so sweet… So beautiful, you savor every drop, each moment. The sun is an amber memory now, and it’s quiet. It is going to be a long night, but the balmy glow of the wine–and the company–make right now, right here, just perfection. She doesn’t resent your young fruity playthings–shallow meanderings, really, compared to a wine like this–she knows they’re serious, and hours away the road will lead to them again. She doesn’t judge that–she’s way past that. She knows so much more about you than that.

1996 VILLA MT EDEN Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 13.5


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