Float…. Sting….

Light ruby out to wide pink edges.  The fruit escapes at once pretty, young, and forward, but don’t let it persuade you it is thin and light.  Black and dense is more like it–with gobs and gobs of floral steeped in a thick cinnamon stew.  The spice-cake flows on and on in the nose, attempting to obscure almost everything else, but there is plenty of fruit and brier to shine through.

I don’t even know what this is and to be honest, would have a hard time guessing.  I do not know enough about the New York wine area to have a firm grasp on how varieties exemplify themselves in that region.  I can probably count the total number of wines I have had from Long Island/FLX/New York on two hands.  The vast majority were entirely unimpressive.  And that’s putting it gently.  So what is this?  It could be Gamay for all I know–or CF.  The fruit and green-ness certainly jive.  But there’s all that rich dark velvety fruit brooding.  I guess Merlot does pretty good there.  I don’t think I have had any.  What about Blaufrankisch?  I’ve had a ton of those from other parts of the world and it kinda fits.  I dunno… it could be anything.  There’s a plasticine–almost petrol–aspect to the nose late-breathing that is making me lean towards the Austrian definition.  The whole thing is just so candied though!

In the mouth, there’s a tempest going on between Lean & Mean and Fuzzy-Yummy.  It is thin and mouth-filling all at the same time.  Light beautiful pie-cherry tartness ricochets all over, making deep pock-marks in the gorgeous fruit.  I’m going to guess 12-7, but oh boy the richness certainly argues for a bit North of there.  But it is just so light and bright.  Delicate.  Poised.  Gorgeous.  Light on its feet and packing a whallop.  Finish perfect clear calm beauty as far as the eye can see.

I don’t think I paid much for this, maybe 25-30 bucks, but it is easily the best wine I have had from New York.  There’s nothing weird about it.  Can you tell I’m from California?  Only someone from California would say, “There’s nothing weird about it,” as if to imply everything not from California is weird.  Well…. it’s kinda true HAHAHAHHAHA and now my in-box will fill with hate-mail.  So what is this *Fresh Red*?  I’m going to go with an almost even 30/30/30 Cab Franc/Blaufrankish and…. *drumroll*…. MERLOT.  That’s my final answer.

Seriously though, this is a GREAT wine.  Top-to-bottom.  This would be a great wine to wean club-member of big huge hi-extracted 15-2 bullshit wines into something more subtle.  Put them in front of this at a party and I gaurantee they will be drinking Gamay and Loire CF in a week!  Of course, they’re going to have to drink three bottles to get them as drunk as one glass of Paso, but goals are nice.  If you’ve been hesitant about New York wines–and yes I know there are a SHIT-TON of you out there (I talk to you almost every day), THIS is a wine to find.  Absolute BEAUTY.  Who cares what it is.  Just drink it.

2015 CHANNING DAUGHTERS ‘Rosso Fresco’ Long Island New York 12.5



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