GO GO Gadget Wine


A variety I’m pretty sure I never had in my life, I had to Google it and I’m not saying this is an example of the variety across the board by any means but this is not good wine. Grainy and oxidized. Orange, ridiculously staining and flabby salty unctuous sharp fruit. Bitter and weird but not horrible and by no means undrinkable. I could see this being quite the crowd pleaser at a party.
2009 GRAND ROMANCE Bonarda Mendoza Argentina 13.8($5.99 reg 19.99)

A nice rosy purple glow smells like ass butt crack or maybe a fruit fly’s ass butt crack. Dirty rotten fake Welch’s concentrate with a crust of mold on it just nauseating to smell and tastes only slightly better. Seriously the closest thing I can pull up in the catacombs of my memory to reference this wine would be some Concord grape home-wine I had once. It’s getting worse with air, too. Undrinkable.
2015 COUR BELLEVUE Corbièrres France 13.5  ($5.99 reg 14.99)

That Moroccan on the train.
Storm clouds in summer.
Freshly mowed dog park.
Cranberry sauce on smoked turkey.
Train tracks and coal and sugar and spice.
An Avon saleswoman in too-hot weather.
Three-year-old old fruit cake.
2009 PITTACUM Mencia Bierzo Spain 14.0 ($4.99 reg 16.99)


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