Pure Napa

​So everybody’s talking about Napa right now and I wanted tonight to close my eyes and jam my nose into something that is so irrefutably Napa it would cause me to swallow hard. Now I know everyone here knows what Napa tastes like, right? We’ve all had Napa. But it is statistically plausible that a good chunk of you have no fucking clue what Napa tastes like. Oh you know what the supermarket and the Wall Street Journal tell you Napa tastes like and you know what the latest bling-brothers jam-bomb tells you 96-pt homogenized Napa is supposed to taste like but if you want to perfectly capture Napa–everything: all it’s ideals and idyllics–this is one of the bottles that will do it. You close your eyes and stick your nose in this thing and instantly relay every moment I’ve spent in the Napa Valley from the forests and streams on the mountains down to the quaint flatlands, 1st Street, 2nd Street, the Uptown Theater, Meadowood, Vintage High, Giugni’s, the Calistoga Cemetery, the Angwin Chevron and The Chardonnay Club. Blue jeans and BMW’s and hamburgers and foie gras. Rich buttery opulent fruit so creamy and sharp, so infused with volcanic life, conifer sweetness and thick licorice blackberry, so perfectly infused with patina, mint exploding and raspy tannins hiding behind the velvet so perfectly. There are way more expensive bottles–and there’s way more glamorous bottles, but this is an iconic bottle. This thing reeks Napa.

2008 PINE RIDGE VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.1



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