Lust Maat

​Salty crazy smokey goodness ripened black in the nose. Churned burnt toasty goodness so savory the acid actually feels sweet. Bitter aloofness dances on the tongue, twirling layers and layers of chocolate petticoat across a glistening shellac floor. 

If you’ve ever been to Valle de Guadalupe you know some of the wines can run ridiculously salty. It’s a nuance that hits you instantly a little oddly the first time or so you try it and then you warm to it and it becomes a synonymous mental placemark for the stunning area and the incredible, gracious and sincere people carving beautiful wines out of this green swath of otherwise garish–but beautiful–desert landscape. 

Green roasted pistachio late-breathing, warm-weather heat bringing out the plushness Grenache is capable of when allowed to concentrate in true noir fashion. Trust me: I like grenache both ways as much as the next guy, and this is a killer *dark* version. There’s a half-dozen or so MUST VISITS and Tres Valles is one of them.

2008 TRES VALLES ‘maat’ Grenache Baja California Mexico 13.5


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