Zin As It Should Be

Milky fluorescent garnet, light and bright with heavy sediment.  A most interesting color of wine.  Shocked me at first pour by its brilliance and clarity in spite of all the sediment.  Had to double-check the age.  Huge ripe floral and grainy tar, paraffin and fresh, crisp fruit, heady but not slutty, firm and round, but not shallowly forward.  Big spicy follow-up churns cinnamon and leather seemingly out of nowhere, christened with a sharp petrichor mint.

I haven’t looked at the alcohol on this, although Zinfandel is the ONLY thing I ever–and always–look at the alcohol before selecting.  I failed to look at it and now that it shows such clarity and brilliance–with nary an alcohol burn–I am glad I didn’t.  I’m going to guess high-13’s.  It is THAT delicately nuanced and spritely.  Don’t get me wrong:  This is unmistakably Zinfandel, from the classic soft edges to the trademark fruit profile, it is Zin through-and-through.  It just doesn’t show any of the ridiculous ills be-falling Zinfandel from FAR too many wineries.

In the mouth, light beautiful and, again: more clarity.  Clarity is something you can TASTE in this wine.  Clarity the way a really good Beaujolais makes you smile; the way chenin Blanc makes your eyes twinkle; how dry gewurtz gives you goose-bumps.  Perfect cherry fruit and a touch of petrol finesse the woody smoke and creamy grapefruit into a Red Hots finish.  Tannin?  A bit, but polished nicely here at age 6.  Extremely balanced, nothing ever goes off the rails in any directions.  The bit of heat in the finish makes me want to hedge my alcohol guess up a bit, maybe 14-2, but still handily in a realm I consider–by today’s standards–“low” for Zinfandel.

I’ll bet this is the first wine from Trinity County you’ve ever had!  I highly recommend checking it out.

2011 CARINI Zinfandel ‘Dubakella’ Trinity County California 14.2



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