House of Cards

Bricking pretty hard and considerable sediment. Nose headed south, heavy heavy burnt aromas and wet leaf funk. These are definitely not holding up as well as I had hoped and I’m guessing from this outcome–and based on their location–they were picked probably a little higher pH than would condone serious aging.

Not unpleasant to drink by any stretch of the imagination but dull and lifeless fruit reduced to a cherry concoction headed quickly into cough syrup with tannins completely non-existent. Do you like my new Christmas scarf? I got it at thrift store today for $3. Have you read my Top-25 Wines of 2018 list yet? Oh you MUST! ➡️⬅️
2011 #CARDELLAWINERY #syrah #sanjuaquinvalley #centralvalley #california 14-3


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